View from our house overlooking the Pasture (2008) 



Welcome to Yorkshire Rose Farm

We are relative newcomers to the world of raising sheep only starting in 2008, but our goal is to raise sheep and their lambs in the most natural way possible, with little or no use of routine injections unless they are absolutely needed.
Just beacuse it is the done thing doesn't mean you need to do it. The top prioity for us is the health and happiness of our animals.
We currently have a mixture of pedigree Romney, Rambouillet and Tunis ewes plus some crosses which are mainly used to produce lambs for our meat side of the business. We are aiming at having abround 50 and we are currently at 44 ewes.
We sell Pedigree Romney breeding stock as well as raw and processed Fleeces, Roving, Yarn, Tanned hides and Meat either by the cut or in half or whole anumals.


SamThis is Sam our willing assistant he goes every where with us. We adopted him from a rescue center in Kentucky before we moved to Wisconsin in August 2006. (Now Sadly no longer with us)

We are both originally from England in our early 50's and came over to the United States at the begining of 2006. Carole is the main person who takes control of the day to day running of our small holding, the sheep , chickens and the garden. I usually help when I get home after work and at weekends. We are both really enjoying ourselves in this beautiful location. It is so quiet we can just sit and take in the nature around us, that is when we can find the time, which isn't very often.

Everything is new to me with regards to Sheep but Carole grew up on a farm so she is the more knowledgeable

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